My Winding Road To Happiness

Being happy wasn’t my cup of beer when I began my adult life. For years I carried the world’s pains voluntarily on my slumped shoulders, until I heavily wanted to die. Only then did I realize that my life depends on finding the road to happiness.

Since then, I’ve left no stone unturned on my way to becoming happier and merrier. I changed houses, spouses, and occupations (such as palm-reading, software engineering, teaching in a drug rehabilitation center, editing, environmentalism, and motherhood, which gets in the way of everything else).

In my quest for joy, I’ve traveled dozens of countries (dragging my complaining family with me). Never, along my winding way to bliss, have I missed an opportunity to broaden my overwrought horizons. On top of the degrees I dug and the innumerable books I’ve absorbed, I’ve tried out any promising way-of-life I encountered (including Shamanism, Art Therapy, The Slow Movement, Taoism, Minimalism, The Work of Byron Katie, Buddhism, Channeling, Dina Eizen’s Optimistic Health, and so on and so forth).

And amazingly, it’s working.

Each piece of wisdom I snatch brings joy to my life. As I keep experiencing, and undergoing the compulsory ups and downs, I’m gradually getting rid of my ghastly limits. My family’s life, needless to say, is becoming blissful, cheerful, and helpful.

This blog is here to share the insights (and outsights) I dirtily unearth along my rocking journey through life. It aspires, with your help, to examine our sacred cows, and barbeque some of them. It tries to look in the eye of our obstructions, be it possessions, connections or convictions, and make them embarrassedly slog away, leaving us free to focus on what really matters –making us all happier.

I believe that, together, we can learn how to make it happen.

So don’t worry. Let’s be happy.

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