The darkening world

Do you, too, feel down when the world turns gray?

Or maybe you feel more than a little down, more like, say, wishing to wrap yourself up with your comforter and not come out until Apollo brings back a big hot sun?

For most of us, the darkening world takes the sting out of living, let alone doing anything. The iciness doesn’t help, either. Winter sucks every year, and this year, when things are unbearable anyway, winter feels like too much, really.

I, for one, have spent the last many weeks feeling increasingly depressed. At some point, it came to my mind that last year, and the one before and possibly always, my mood drops at this time of the year. (Naming the season “fall” suggests I’m probably not alone.) I realized that every autumn, I feel that I need an urgent vacation in some sunny place, I get pissed at my one-and-only for not taking me away from my life at once, and even the illuminated holidays of this seasons can’t bring me back to my senses.

But seasonal gloominess is not the end of the story for me. Oh, no. Every year I feel that my life is somehow fundamentally wrong. That something must be changed, but I don’t know what. Every winter, then, I find myself depressed, confused and desperate, but at least I know now that apparently, it’s temporary, and that I will go through it. In all probability.

I also realized that this winter gloom, as well as the other seasons that follow it, may have a purpose.

Our surroundings have a huge effect on our wellness. Though we think of ourselves as conscious beings, we unthinkingly absorb the lights, air, sights, sounds, and smells around us. All of these uninvited influences unconsciously affect our mood, our health, and our happiness.

As we can’t beat them, we better join them, and use them in our favor.


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